Reasons WHY it is important to purchase your contact lenses from your Optometrist

Your Optometrist will ensure your contact lens parameters are customized to optimally fit YOUR eye. If unsatisfied with your lenses OR your prescription changes, you may exchange unused, unopened, unmarked, non-expired lenses. Your contact lens supply won’t expire before your prescribed year is up. You are receiving your contact lenses directly from an authorized vendor, reducing the risk of wearing counterfeit products on your eyes. We replace defective lenses free of charge. Manufacturer’s rebates are…

Not All Lenses Are The SAME

Did you know that when you buy your glasses, the type of lenses and coatings that you select, can greatly affect the quality of vision, comfort and look of your eyewear. Technology is continually improving how lenses are produced. This affects the optical quality of your vision. Lenses can be made from molds or produced digitally. Lenses that are made from molds are called spherical and aspherical lenses. Spherical lenses have all the power one…

Dry Eye Syndrome (DES)

Do your eyes water or feel like something is in there? Do you get a gritty or sandy sensation? These are symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). DES is very common in the winter months, so you are most likely suffering the worst of it now. Just like dry skin, your eyes can lose moisture more in the winter. There are many reasons for dry eye that can happen at any age. It can happen…

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"The staff were all really knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly honest. I have truly never felt so amazing! After putting my new glasses on for the first time, I got a whole new look and the confidence to go with it! Thanks so much!" – Aysha