Dr. Colin K. Chan, Optometrist

Dr. Chan graduated from the School of Optometry at The University of Waterloo. His training included an ophthalmologic rotation in diseases and therapeutics, with special interest in treatment and management of ocular pathologies. He was also a member of The Centre for Contact Lens Research where he outlined research parameters, collected and analyzed data, and helped publish results on the diurnal variations of tears meniscus, in preparation for advancements of contact lens technology.

As the founder of The Ontario Optometrist Network, he and his colleagues have been practicing in multiple locations across Ontario, particularly in under-serviced areas because he believes in eye care for all. He currently serves as a clinical supervisor and assessor at The University, as well as an examiner for the Canadian Standard Assessment in Optometry (CSAO) board exam.  He is also appointed to the Discipline Committee and the Public Relations Committee of The College of Optometrists of Ontario and he is now a Quality Assurance coach.

In his spare time, he plays sports in various leagues. He is also in the process of publishing children’s books. He is now very excited to be a practicing optometrist in the heart of Toronto, and to be serving that community with primary eye care.  He vows to provide quality and professional care for the health of your eyes, so that you not only obtain good vision, but also maintain the quality of life you deserve.

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