Eye Exams & Vision Services in Toronto


We currently provide the following services:
▪ Eye health checks
▪ Cataract diagnosis, treatment referrals and post-operative management
▪ Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment
▪ Macular Degeneration assessment
▪ Diabetic assessment and monitoring for manifestations in the eyes such as Retinopathy
▪ Eye Infections such as pink eye, bacterial infections and dry eye
▪ Treatment of inflammation like Iritis and allergies in the eye
▪ Vision checks, Spectacle Prescription, Glasses fitting & adjustments
▪ Contact Lens prescriptions, fitting & training
▪ Laser Refractive Surgery: consultation, pre-operative and post-operative management
▪ UV protection, polarized lenses, designer sunglasses
▪ Fundus Imaging (retinal photography)
▪ Peripheral Visual Field test
▪ And more….
Please note that we do provide HOME VISITATIONS to meet your Optometric needs for those that are unable to travel to us.

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