Our goal is to give you the best service in a timely and efficient manner using innovative technology enabling early detection and prevention of eye disease. This is achieved by using leading edge tools:

  • Paperless charts using the iCare software designed by an Optometrist for Optometry Clinics
  • Measurements are taken off your current glasses prescription with the Huvitz Auto Lensometer
  • Information about your approximate prescription and corneal curvature of your eye are calculated via the Huvitz Auto Refractor & Keratometer
  • Intraocular Pressure readings are determined by the Reichert Non-Contact Auto Tonometer and the Reichert Goldman Tonometer
  • Prescriptions are fine tuned by your Optometrist using Marco Illuminated Phoropters
  • Photos of your retina are taken using the Canon Digital Retinal Camera
  • Visual Field tests are performed with the Medmont Automated Perimeter

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